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Behind The Song of The Week: Richard Marx's "Right Here Waiting"

Here’s a post I wrote on The Mariya Alexander Show blog recounting a personal anecdote about my history with the song I chose for a song of the week, Richard Marx’s “Right Here Waiting.”


In the interest of not having you laugh at him for his pick of Richard Marx’s “Right Here Waiting” as his song of the week, Evan has chosen to tell you a compelling personal story as to the significance of the song in his life.

So without any further ado:

The Summer of 1990 seemed…


Yesterday I tweeted that I was writing some gritty fanfiction at the House of Pies:

I was not lying. I’ve yet to decide whether I want to extend it into anything substantial. Regardless, I’m sharing those two modest paragraphs out of necessity for making this tumblr look like something that is currently active. So with out any further ado, GRITTY DINER FAN FICTION:

"The diner wait staff was a melting pot of dejected actors, failed writers and sober living tenants destined for relapse. You could sense the trepidation in their every step, as if a mishandled order might start a domino effect that would end with a needle in someone’s arm.

The patrons weren’t very different- all just inhabiting the other side of a thin line drawn in the sand outside a beachfront rehab facility. Their good fortune was mostly temporary. There were a few well off customers slumming it for nostalgia’s sake or to give their friends the impression they knew how to “keep it real.” But who were they kidding, rolling up in a luxury sports car that nearly emptied six figures from their wallet to dine somewhere they’d probably unload less than an honest Abe.”

That’s all I’m sharing for now. Maybe I’ll keep adding to this or just do a thing where I keep posting absurd excerpts of things.



I’ve been thinking a lot lately. People who know me and are reading this are probably thinking, “Evan, I don’t think that’s possible.” It’s true. I do a lot of speaking and acting before I actually think. I like to think of my life as an action/adventure plot in that way. Not wasting your time thinking allows for an almost limitless number of unforeseen circumstances. You see, to remove thinking from the equation, makes all circumstances unforeseen. Life becomes a series of unexpected consequences, happenings, and tragedies. 

Thinking is the root cause of anxiety, but the eradication of thought in favor of action immediately transforms that anxiety into drama. Drama is the exact reason people watch the cable channel TNT and is therefore exponentially more entertaining than whatever rational (or irrational) ideas you have bouncing around your brain. Even if you are thinking about not thinking anymore in favor of action, the action of no longer thinking is much more effective as a dramatic tool. 

Nevermind the fact that everyone will refer to you as a dramatic tool if you decide to give up thinking, but if you’ve given up thought, that shouldn’t bother you. 

Some say rational thought is the last line of defense keeping us from falling into utter chaos, but if I were to hazard a guess – using the very first thought that popped into my head – I’d say battle axes are the last line of defense against the complete devolution of society. Again, that was the first thought that popped into my head, though it would stand to reason that if we’re using battle axes, that means all the guns have failed.

I don’t really feel like delving into the issue any deeper, because I want to have my wits about me when I’m live tweeting my favorite reality show later. That reminds me, who do you guys think is getting voted off this week? Just kidding, what you think doesn’t matter.

Evan Kessler’s Bedroom (Pics)

I am an open book (or disorganized person), as this photo essay of the exploration of my bedroom for an episode of the The Mariya Alexander Show surely proves. But a photo essay allows you to draw your own conclusions and I feel like there are a few necessary comments I need to make in order paint a more vivid picture, or maybe just add a little depth to the images included on the show’s tumblr. They may make me seem more pathetic, or you may find them more endearing. However they make you feel, just knowing they made you feel something leads me to believe that I have successfully manipulated your emotions.

In any case here are a few notes:

1. I kept the Barack Obama poster up because it has the date of my 30th Birthday on it. Also, I just didn’t feel like taking it down.

2. I clean up my room if there is even the hint of a chance that the magic will happen.

3. The “Cougarhead Stapler”(as I like to call it) that Rick is holding, was won at a White Elephant gift exchange and it is the best.

4. The Luxembourg or Bust sign was part of a blogging project that I wanted to start, that involved me traveling to Luxembourg using both physical and digital resources. Maybe I’ll explain what that means later, but for now you can read the original post linked to above, with typos and all.

5. The Jeopardy hat was won in a raffle at a charity event for Hurricane Sandy victims. I have a Jeopardy water bottle too that I use often. 

6. I voted.

7. Sex for Dummies is a very good book and Dr. Ruth Westheimer, who wrote it, is a national treasure. Also, I got it at a stoop sale in Brooklyn because I thought it would be funny to read. I haven’t read it yet, but I use it as part of stand-up bit.

8. It’s always good to have a tie on the inside of your doorknob.


We explored Evan Kessler’s bedroom.  Hear all about it in the 5/5/2014 show, and check out the pics below:


Evan cares about politics


Evan and Rick start the roaming


The dresser…and piles on top of the dresser


Mariya goes in for a closer look


Again, Evan cares about politics. He voted (a long time ago)


Jesse “The Body” Ventura standing guard over a bottle of cologne


"Faceman" of The A-Team


Mariya and Rick check out some big game


This is the place where the magic happens


The infamous comedy flier


Luxembourg or Bust!


In the distance, a lone Jeopardy hat


This corner was hard to get into


These may or may not be moccasins 


This number one fan and his Sex For Dummies book


A tie on the doorknob, in case a fancy event springs up at the last minute

May Flowers (or Comedy Shows)

Hey, people who are interested in seeing me doing comedy! Here is a list of shows I have lined up for the month of May:

Friday May 9th 10pm
Beards & Broads- (No cover)

Hollywood Hotel 1160 Vermont Ave - Los Angeles, CA

Hosted by Ryan Talmo

Featured People with “Beards”: Travis ClarkEvan Kessler,Preston BlaineJustin Wood and Diaz Mackie 

Featuring Women who are the titular “Broads”: Katie MerriamLauren Farmer-WilsonMegan RiceNikki Wantz and Nikki Muller

Sunday May 11th, 9pm $10
Yoo Hoo Room with Marie DelPrete (King of Queens)

102 E. Magnolia
Burbank, CA
Hosted by: Chet Wild
Lineup: Me, Billy Bonnell, Paul McKeown, Todd Ritz, Derrick Blacknall, Quincy, Nabeel the Extremist, Chad Ridgely, Greg Benevent

Sunday May 25th, 7:30pm $7.50
Dave McNary’s All-Star Comedy Show
The Ice House
24 N. Mentor Ave
Pasadena, CA 91106
Lineup: Me, TBD

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